Can your software keep up with the day-to-day work of your business?

Only with customized software can you reach the full potential of your company and employees.
Software that works for you. Software that grows with your company.
Software that does what is important for YOUR business branch and industry. Guaranteed.

Julius Kavay

Operational software is expensive.

Correct. You can, of course, purchase cheaper standard software, only to realize that it cannot keep up with your business requirements. That's not only frustrating, but also can become even more expensive in the long run. Why throw your money out of the window?

Software is easy to use.

Sure - if it's the right software for your business, and if it has been purpose-designed for the daily routines of your company. That's a demand that most standard software cannot meet.

Software is upgradeable.

That's correct. If your software solution is tailored to your needs right from the start, then it can develop, change and grow with your company and its needs.
Flexible like yourself: your tailor-made software!

Technical Basis

InterSystemsFor more than three decades, the American company InterSystems has offered software for the rapid development of business-critical applications. The scope of technologies offered ranges from one of the world's fastest and most scalable databases to a high-performance integration and development environment to the possibility of using business intelligence (BI) based on real-time data as an integral part of an application.

ISET is one of the most prestigious InterSystems Technology partners in Austria!