Your business software should be a flexible, easy-to-use tool that reflects your operational processes and supports you in your work. Standard solutions usually canít do that.
Therefore, ISET develops customized software - we build a powerful software tool that can grow with your company!

Your tailor-made software, as flexible as your business!

Software should be a dynamic, easy-to-use tool that supports your business in every situation. When your enterprise changes and new business fields are established, your internal organization and processes need to change, too. Your "tool" - your software - must have the flexibility to change with you.

Of course, you say? Unfortunately, that is not always the case.


Why choose ISET:

Your advantage - the whole package is perfect! ISET has:

  • more than 30 years of experience in organization and program development
  • sound knowledge of the internal operations of various trade and production enterprises
  • experience in both banking and chamber systems


...... and ISET offers:

  • comprehensive consultation and planning
  • assistance with organizational processes
  • customized software based on a modern, efficient and scalable database system
  • short development times through the application of the DDP method


The ISET philosophy: For us, your project is not just a job. We're happy only when you are happy.
When can we welcome you as one of our customers?

Because you should settle only for the best -
the software from ISET.