Who is ISET?

If you would like the best support, then you must work with the best.
There's no way around it. And ISET is the best.

There is no substitute for experience

ISET provides more than sound and error-free program code, which we consider the bare basics. Our strength lies in our individual and comprehensive consultations, incorporating your work schedule into the software and offering 24/7, 365 day-a-year assistance for enhancements and maintenance.

ISET is an owner-operated business, working with IT experts from all over Europe. You benefit, because ISET has the flexibility to sub-contract exactly the number of people required to complete your project quickly, competently and cost effectively.

You deserve only the BEST:
the software of ISET.


Julius Kavay
Managing Director

Julius KavayThe founder of ISET, Julius loves a challenge and hates political decisions. After working for a system house in Vienna as an organization programmer for 19 years, Julius ventured to self-employment in 1997. He has studied technical mathematics and computer science, and he learned to program computers back when memory space was still measured in kB. To this day, Julius continues to develop resource-friendly programs.